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Party-cipate, dance and listen with 1.5 billion* people on your favorite music. We bring the Silent Disco concept to your smartphone.

Are you familiar with the silent disco?
It’s a lovely music concept where people receive a wireless headphone when entering a certain area. The audio is exclusively shared with the people wearing a headphone. Passers and witnesses will see a crowd singing, dancing and having fun in “complete silence”.
How about bringing this concept to your mobile phone? Imagine singing and dancing with hundreds, maybe thousands of people on the town square in your city.


I want to create an app that turns your smartphone with your ear/headphone into the necessary (expensive) audio equipment of a silent disco.
It will be available for anybody who loves music and spontaneous parties with friends and/or random strangers. Name of the app, Mobile Silent Disco better know as MoSiDi.

Another advantage is that you’re not fixed on a location. This will create scenes that look similar like a flashmob or Harlem shake. The phenomenon you can compare it the best with is Mobile Clubbing.
The concept is simple, all we need to organise a MoSiDi event is:

  • date and time
  • location to gather
  • with your friends and other MoSiDi clubbers
  • smartphone
  • head/earphone
  • MoSiDi app
  • music

When everybody has gathered on the location at the given time, you will all countdown to the start of the event. Once the timer hits zero, the music will start playing simultaneously on all the MoSiDi participators’ smartphones.

At a silent disco event the music is played live. To realise this for the app, streaming will be required as for an Internet connection. This will affect the (3G) network, especially in crowded places it can be a major spoiler.
Our solution is a pre-downloaded liveset/mixtape. No internet is required so the app works offline.

A user who attends a MoSiDi event need to download the music in advance. Participants need to gather at the given time and location.
Plug in the ear/headphones and countdown. At zero the music will be (automatically) played.

The impact of the app can be enormous since there’s no limit in the amount of participants. Imagine a MoSiDi event held in:
– your block with a couple of friends (a few dozen of people)
– local park in your town (few hundred)
– Champs Élysées, Paris (few thousand)
– Tiananmen Square in Beijing (tens of thousands)
– Central Park in New York (hundreds of thousands)
– ….or all at the same time in other major cities/places worldwide (a few million)

Crowdfunding campaign of MoSiDi: