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ABrandNewDay – corporate website

In the Netherlands, brands like Jack Daniels, Courvoisier, Arizona, Pushkin, Southern Comfort are distributed by ABrandNewDay.
This client wants to renew her “old-fashion” corporate website with a the latest features, fresh look and feel.

  • No flash
  • Information within 3 clicks
  • Recognizable subjects
  • Brand their brands equally
  • Maintain the “bottle spinner”
  • ZEN between visuals and copy


  • HTML5 for Flash
  • Rebuild the complete sitemap
  • Mega dropdown menu’s
  • Colorized the categories
  • Redesign the “bottle spinner”
  • A sidebar in detailpages for visuals/gimmicks

http://www.abrandnewday.nl/ (min age 18 years)

(interaction and graphic design)